Notes... Notes everywhere

I’ve been using Apple’s Notes app on my macOS and iOS devices for years to synchronize bits of text and things that I think I will need to remember in the future.

My Notes app has blossomed into several hundreds of notes, some of which have no titles, and I really don’t know why I kept some of them around. In the mix is also several important notes that I want to keep and hang on to for future reference. For those notes that had some importance, they received a title and were stored away in folders, but accessing them was more than a little difficult.

Over the past week, I’ve been taking time to clear out old notes that I no longer need, or are no longer relevant; however, this left me wondering if there was some better way to store and surface these important piece of text, snippets of code, and other short form documents in a way that could be easier to find and recognize in the future.

I’ve been hearing a lot about two different tools: Obsidian and Craft. I’ve been using Obsidian and Craft for a little over a week in an attempt to better understand these platforms and to see which can provide me the best solution for what I want to do.

So far, Craft is winning the debate only because it has an iOS app, and the macOS app version isn’t an electron app; however, Obsidian at the same time being an electron app, does have the upside of storing documents in Markdown format at rest. This is good for archival because it means that I can easily retrieve the text at any time in the future regardless of if the app has gone the way of the dodo.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be trying to make a decision about which platform I’m going to stick with when it comes to notes, and I’ll keep the blog updated on the solution that I come to choose and the reasons why I choose it.

Do you have any recommendations for note apps or have experience with Obsidian or Craft? I’d love to hear what you’re using and why you’ve chosen it. Drop me a line on Twitter.

Cory Bohon @cory