Podcasts I listen to each week

Being stuck at home most of 2020, I’ve been finding different ways to occupy my listening time, especially while working or exercising. I typically listen to music while exercising or working, but I’ve found with the lack of a lot of new music, most of my playlists and radio stations would simply repeat the same songs — which was rather annoying.

Instead, I’ve been turning to podcasts more and more as a way to get new content that I can occupy my listening time with. Some have become shows that I anticipate each week and cannot wait to listen to.

The podcasts

In alphabetical order, here’s my favorite podcasts that I’m listening to at this moment in time. The list doesn’t really change that much, and I started with a handful, but that’s quickly blossomed into more and more.

You’ll notice that there’s quite a few from the [Relay.fm] network, and I’ve liked the majority of their shows and continue to listen to them time and time again. I definitely have to give them a shoutout for their episode quality, content, and amazing hosts.

How do I listen?

I was using Apple Podcasts, which was my podcast player of choice a few years back, but has honestly gotten very lackluster with the syncing capabilities and playback capabilities with the latest releases.

A few years ago, I remembered trying [Castro] and really liked it, so I decided to give it another go and have really liked it as I’ve gotten back into listening to podcasts. It’s a little on the pricey side as far as subscription apps go, but it’s a great podcast player with a great watchOS app, customizations, and great playback controls and notes features.

Cory Bohon @cory