BluSaver — A macOS screensaver featuring Blu

A few years ago, my friend and graphic designer co-worker, Cat Lo created a set of stickers for iOS of her Scottish Fold cat named “Blu.” Those stickers turned out to be a hit, and last year, I helped her develop a new set of animated stickers for iOS 13 dubbed Blu Animated Stickers, which received an update this year for the pandemic sticker pack, featuring re-creations of favorite Giphy moments and inside jokes that everyone has enjoyed.

This month, Cat created a fancy Lo-Fi video on YouTube complete with a soundtrack that was custom made for the video. It’s a great relaxing video to watch while you’re coding, working, or just chilling at home.

I loved the video so much, that I ended up creating a macOS Screen Saver based on it. That was a fun experience of working with Apple’s new notarization framework to get the screen saver file notarized so it would run without issues on modern versions of macOS.

The screen saver has quickly become one of my favorites, so I decided to share it with everyone with the blessing of Cat. You can download it here and install it on your own Mac.

If you enjoy the screen saver and the iOS sticker pack, be sure to give @CatLo a shout on Twitter.

Cory Bohon @cory